Can you guess who is this Minden Celebrity Clown??


Contribute to the magical, social, fun fabric of the Minden Rotary Family by becoming a Celebrity Clown!


The Minden Rotary Celebrity Clown project is another way of raising money for community projects. A tax deductible donation of $200 or more to Minden Rotary offers the privilege to become or sponsor a Celebrity Clown for 2023 and helps Minden Rotary support community projects, events and non-profit organizations.


As a membership organization Rotary funds and supports projects in our community and around the world. Busy lives may prevent some from considering a full membership of Rotary year around. Alternatively, picture yourself being or sponsoring  a clown for special events! Your donation could be a way of supporting the actions and activities as a friend of Minden Rotary and to be an occasional celebrity for a day.


There are several  occasions of the year (Canada Day, RotaryFest August 12, Minden Pride week and the Santa Clause parade) when the Minden Rotary Celebrity Clowns would be invited to participate as a fully dressed clown in costume adding levity to the event. 


We had such a fun time 'clowning around' on Canada Day in Minden! Check out our photo album online here.


Inquire about making a donation or becoming a Minden Rotary Celebrity Clown by calling Sally Moore 705-286-4922 or email for more information.