What are these?  These are the scavenger hunt signs for the Minden Rotary Scavenger Hunt. 
This event is to celebrate 75 years of service in the community.  The scavenger hunt included 75 projects that Minden Rotary has been involved in and some of our Rotary Friends that support our events.
There were three winners of the 75th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt announced on August 13, 2022 at Minden RotaryFest. Prizes included a Rotaract puzzle, gift certificate for Kawartha Dairy and a gift certificate for Molly's Bistro Bakery.
Mother and Daughter, Anna and Kim, enjoyed rediscovering parts of Minden they forgot or had never visited together!
Vanessa was thrilled to win a prize!
Gary would return home from his trips to town to tell Joan which numbers he had discovered each time!
Thanks to all for your participation and to continue discovering Minden.