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Shown below is a description of the many club activties that took place earlier this year

Pam Sayne

On March 9. we held our first OPEN STYLE meeting with guest speaker Pam Sayne talking about "why PRIDE in Minden". Pam covered the What, How, and Why there was a PRIDE organization in Minden. The What is defined by the Haliburton Highlands Community. The How PRIDE started was through volunteers with a cause and Political will. The Why has regrettably been demonstrated in our community by removal of banners and hateful graffiti. Jen Watt (TIMES/ECHO) published a quote from a local business owner folowing some graffiti that expressed the Why - "I think it's really important to keep having a conversation about inclusivenss" otherwise this is what happens.Pam went on to describe the many local events held by PRIDE over the last few years. Fortunately the acceptance of these events continues to grow and it is impressive the amount of support this community provides. The support of the community by attending PRIDE events has a benficial financial impact. Pam talked about bullying and the impact on the LGBTQ community. RESPECT for the individual was a theme that ran through the presentation

doug norris

Doug Norris was wearing two hats when he spoke to Rotary on March 2., the first and primary was as Executive Director of Abbey Retreat Centre, a Centre of Excellence in Whole Person Care & Integrative Cancer Programs. He defined the relationship as a separate entity from Abbey Gardens but part of the complex made possible by the generousity of the Pattersons. He described the free four day retreats for those living with cancer and their primary support person. There were several poignient examples of what the retreat meant to particpants. In addition to Retreats the centre offers day programs in partnership with other organizations. Doug described the governance structure which comprised a board of directors, chaired by Rotarian Jeanne Anthon.
The second hat Doug wore was that of a fixer at the SIRCH Repair Cafes, the second of which is being held on March 6 at Archie Stouffer school in Minden. This is an excellent program diverting repairable items away from the land fill sites.

Jan 20, 2020
GUEST SPEAKER: a frontline worker from Victim Services Kawartha/Haliburton Who are they? Non-profit organization comprised of staff and trained volunteers working in partnership with Police/Emergency Services and other community agencies to provide confidential, immediate assistance and referral services to victims of crime, trauma and tragic circumstances. Free and non-judgmental. 24 hrs a day. 7 days a week. Eligible clients: Victims, eligible family members and witnesses affected by… Abduction, Assault, Attempted Murder, Break and Enter, Child Abuse, Criminal harassment, Domestic violence, Elder abuse, Hate Crime, Human trafficking, Homicide, Sexual Assault and Sudden Death. Victims can expect crisis intervention, emotional and practical support, help to establish physical and emotional safety. Referrals to community and government services that match their needs. They no longer support Criminal injuries. She then introduced the service for HT (Human Trafficking) defined as recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving, holding or harbouring a person, or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a person for the purpose of exploiting them or facilitating their exploitation (forced labour and sexual exploitation). There are two facets to this subject: Sex workers and trafficking. The program is called the Victim Quick Response Program. Designed to support victims of violent crimes by providing financial help, safety and practical needs. Typical age range 14 – 22. Average length of support 2 weeks to 2 months. Police are not always involved. Safety is first consideration followed by practical assistance.. housing, food, travel expenses, counselling etc. Not just females, but males and couples as well. 73 clients have been helped since the start of the program in 2016. Work with other areas with shelter exchange to protect the identity of victims particularly in small communities. A “kit” is given to all clients which supplies them with immediate needs for hygiene, food, seasonal clothing etc. The Police are not always involved. Education is needed within our communities. The school boards need to request it. Some presentations have already been given but few requests are made. Some criminals are brought to justice but the burden of proof is still there for many.

dr stephenson

Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) Jan 13, was the topic presented by Dr. Tina Stephenson, member of the Haliburton Family Health team. Dr. Stephenson has an interest in Paliative care and in general the area of dying with dignity. Her presentation thouroughly covered every aspect of MAID starting with the criteria needed for a patient to qualify. She pointed out that the procedure has been legal since the legislation came into effect in 2016. It was also noted that HHHS had recently approved a policy for MAID in the hospital. She compared dying at home and in the hospital with family members present. She described the process in detail including the administration of the three different drugs and the time for the drugs to complete the transition from life to death. Dr Stephenson clearly cares deeply for her patients. In her own words: "it is never wrong to relieve suffering". It was an excellent presentation that drew an unusal number of guests.

Jennifer Hughey

Jennifer Hughey, Member of Minden Hills Township council, one of her many roles as a very active contributor to our community, spoke about Event Planning on Dec 2. Jennifer defined the three S model for planning:
- Stakeholders;
- Schedule;
- Social media.
It is important to identify and know the event Stakeholders, their interest in the event and how they can contribute or partner. Scheduling cannot (or shouldn't be) left until a few weeks before the event. She recommended a phased in advertisment approach starting as early as six months before the event with a "save the date" announcment followed by notices with increasing frequency on social media. She differentiated the nature of the three most prominent media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She believes Facebook is still the most influential with Twitter appealing to a younger audience and Instagram to an even younger audience. It was truly an excellent presentation that provided sound advice to our club

Lori Watson

Fundraising was the focus of the very informative presentation by Lori Watson Exec. Dir. Womens Resource Centre CKL on Nov. 25,. Lori offered her views on the importance of social media as a mechanism for getting the message out about our need for and use of donor dollars. She specifically reccommended Facebook as a strong tool, she was less enthusistic about Twitter. Prior to the meeting she had reviewed the club's web page and Facebook page and she had some observations and suggestions. Basically less reporting on events that had taken place and more on promotion of future activities. We need to be more active in our use of social media. She emphasied her position by describing the very impressive fund raising programs of her organisation. She describe the services of her Centre and how it related to the YWCA women's shelter in Minden. There was an interesting discussion on the need for and availability (or lack of) similar services for men.

fuel for warmth

On Nov. 4 the club presented a cheque to Fuel for Warmth in support of their excellent program assisting disadvantaged members of our community. Lorne McNeil and Joanne Barnes described how the program selects recipients, sources providing fuel, and fundraising events. The discussion also ranged over the more general topic of poverty in our community. Joanne described the conditions being endured by some of our fellow citizens, including: homelessness; couch surfing; living in a box not much bigger than a coffin; living in a tent; single parent with cancer while supporting a 15 year old daughter; the irony of jobs being available but unattainable as there is no place to live. We need Fuel for Warmth and MUCH more. The picture shows Rotarian Sharon Foster presenting a cheque to Lorne and Joanne.

Terry Moore

At the Oct. 28th meeting Terry Moore of Environment Haliburton (EH), gave a very thorough, informative, and excellent presentation on green burials. He compared the environmental impact and costs between cremation, casket and embalming, with green. Amazing how much formaldehyde, concrete, wood, and dollars are buried every year. He described in detail the green burial process and the current state of affairs in Minden Hills, Algonquin Highlands, and other locations. He also descibed how EH is functioning as an advocate for green burials with local governments. Donations can be made at: Environment Haliburton

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The Minden Club

JOIN US -"we are the little club that punches above its weight"
- Bob Taylor

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It is what we do

Members of the Rotary Club of Minden helped out with the Food Bank's annual Christmas Basket event on Dec 19-20. Hampers of food including either a ham or a turkey along with an amazing selection of toys were provided to less fortunate families. This was made possible by the extremely generous citizens and businesses in Minden Hills and surrounding communities. This is the true spirit of Christmas.

bill and betty rotarians help rotarians help

CHRISTMAS 2019 Minden Rotary style

andy campbell

Made special this year with the induction of Andy Campbell. Andy was welcomed to Rotary and the Minden Club by Assistant District Govenor Candy Potter and sponsor Lynda Litwin. Lynda's introduction:
Andy was raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, and graduated from the University of Guelph. In 2017 Andy semi-retired from being the general manager of Haliburton County Development Corporation. Andy has been with HCDC since its inception in 1985. While at the helm of HCDC for 32 years Andy led the directors in handing out over 76 million dollars to support local entrepreneurs in our county. I would say Andy IS the counties Economic Developer!! Andy currently sits on the Minden Hills Economic Development Committee and Dysart et al Housing and Business Development Committee Andy recently joined the real estate sales professionals at Century 21 in Minden„ Andy was recently awarded the Highlander of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce at their Business and Community Achievement Awards In addition, Andy works with numerous community organizations and previously served as the Chair of the Haliburton Highland Games. We welcome Andy to our Rotary Family in Minden and are honored that he has joined our club.

the gang

It is a special time of year which is even better when it is shared with friends of Rotary, family members and guests.

< br / foodbankdoor don veno

On Oct. 21, Don Veno, Chair, Minden Community Food Centre Board of Directors, provided an insight to how their facility provides support for local families that are in need of assistance. Changing the name from Food Bank to Community Food Centre more accurately describes the range of offerings from groceries to cooked meals and even clothing. Don outlined how the food is acquired and distributed. He described other supporting organizations, and how they are integrated. The Rotary Club of Minden has been a strong supporter over the years by providing funding and manpower. The Food Bank has reciprocated with support for Rotary's fund raising. An excellent organization providing a much needed service.

For Rotarians, Friends of Rotary and guests our annual Christmas celebration


at Heather Lodge

the food

The party was held at Heather Lodge where the service was great and the food even better. Roast beef was one of a large selection of entrees which included, turkey, arctic char, steak with shrimp, cornish hen, and vegetable strudel. The array of desserts was spectacular and delicious.

Support the 2019 Festival of Trees

fest of trees

sponsored this year by The Rotary Club of Minden

November 22 – 10 AM to 6 PM
November 23 – 10 AM to 6 PM
November 24 – 12 PM to 3 PM


The Rotary Club of Minden was represented by Sally Moore at the Rotary District 7010 weekend Oct 19-20 held at the Deerhurst Lodge Muskoka ON. Assistant District Govenor Candy Potter presented the Club with banners recognising the club had achieved 100% of members donating $100.00 (US) to the ROTARY Foundation.

sallynfriends sustenance

Minden ROTARY cleans up Deep Bay Rd on Oct. 7. A big thank you to Rosemary Shivj who joined Sally Moore, Bill Roodenburg, Bob Taylor, Bill Obee, and Dave Bonham. Jeanne Anthon showed her support by joining the group for the post cleanup sustenance and conversation at the Dominion.

On Sept 30 the club held its annual pot luck dinner in support of the ROTARY FOUNDATION. This year the event was held in the beautiful home of Sharon Foster and Dan Sullivan. The food was spectacular, especilly the desserts. Thank you Sharon and Dan for your hospitality.

 blue jays  blue jays  blue jays

On Sept 24 a group of Rotarians and friends of Rotary enjoyed the annual trip to a Blue Jays game. As always the trip was good the camaradery great but the team maybe not so much having lost 11-4. as the pictures show, Minden was well represented. The Minden contingent created many 'waves' in Toronto

lois tuffin

on Sept 23 Lois Tuffin of FiveCounties gave a presentation on the variety of programs they provide for children to enable them to reach their potential. She had a number of therapudic "toys" that were designed for this purpose. Selected Rotarians were chosen to demonstrate the use of the toy and it is safe to say this was enjoyed at several levels. It was enlightening what can be achieved. FiveCounties is a valuable asset to our community.

bill obee

on Sept 13 Bill Obee presented (under great A/V distress) an excellent overview of the great work being done by Rotary in Cambodia. He described the countryside, food and accomodations. He focused on the Rotary 'wheels for learning' and the sense of accomplishment he felt as he experienced the apreciation expressed by the children on receiving their bicycle. He also described other projects that were supported by the Minden Club. We also had the pleasure of a visit by former club member Kay Godden. Kay also experienced the same contributions in Cambodia. There was a discussion on how club members could purchase a bicycle for a Cambodian student. these purchases can also be used as Christmas gifts. More on the program at:wheels for learning

betty and candy bob and candy

on Sept. 6th we had the pleasure of a visit by Assistant District Govenor Candy Potter who presented Paul Harris awards to Past President Betty Mark and Bob Taylor. Candy also described the upcoming District weekend being held at the Deerhurst resort in Muskoka. Candy recognized the activties of the Rotary Club of Minden

SATURDAY Aug. 31 was the club's annual ROAD TOLL DAY This year under the leadership of Bill Roodenburg with a crew of Rotarians (including our District Govenor Bill Hagborg), Don Veno from The Food Bank, and Andy Campbell, our unbelievably generous community contributed a record setting $5018.00 in support of the work of the ROTARY CLUB of MINDEN's many local projects. Special thanks to Bill's daughter Cynthia for counting all that change and small bills (and some large ones too)

on Aug. 26th Joan Featherstone of 100 Women gave an excellent presentation on this organization's membership, purpose,and how it functions. Up to 100 women meet three times a year, each bringing $100.00 (or 2@$50.00 with one vote) to the meeting. The members nominate a local charity of their choice. The names of these charities are then put in a "hat" from which three are drawn. The nominators for these three then each "make their case" for the charity of their choice. A vote is held and the winning charity receives the evenings proceeds (up to $10000.00 if 100 women attend and/or contribute). This is ideal for a member that is not able or inclined to sell 'lottery tickets' or partcipate in a 'tag day'. A wonderful idea and a valuable asset to our community. Joan gave examples of a number of local charities that have been winners. A great presentation!


on Aug. 19th Donna Gagnon, Family Roots Coordinator for SIRCH, gave an enlightening presentation on a wide variety of services provided to our community by SIRCH. These services range from the management of the Thrift Warehouse in Haliburton (and Bancroft), School’s Cool, several food initiatives (including training), to a new program in Family Roots. Much more information is available on their website: SIRCH


on Aug. 12th Andy Campbell from Haliburton County Development Corp.(HCDC) gave an excellent, interesting, and informative presentation on the evolution of HCDC over the last 34 years. He described the various support programs offered by HCDC, successes, and some 'interesting' projects that weren't supported.


On July 29th Brigitte Gebauer of HHHS described how the world of volunteering is changing and how organisations that depend on volunteers (members) must change accordingly She outlined a number of changes made by HHHS, which depends on volunteers, in the accomodation and recruitment processes. There are many parallels for Rotary recruiting new members. She gave an excellent insight to what we must do going forward


On July 22nd the club enjoyed an enthusiastic presentation on an innovative new program using sailing to assist young people cope with mental health issues. The presentaion was led by Robin Carmount (2nd from left) with support from Andrew Hodson (left) Tom Oliver (3rd from left) and Marina Hodson. More information is available at mind over water

setup Another Canada Day another success. Minden Rotary again delighted a hungry crowd with an assortment of gourmet hot dogs and the now famous peameal bacon sandwich, dubbed the best peameal bacon sandwich on Water Street


0n JUNE 24 The club held a regular meeting to plan for the annual Rotary Diner at the Minden CANADA DAY celebrations. The meeting was also the last with Betty Mark as President. The club recognized her significant contribution to the club with flowers and a ROTARY jacket. THANK YOU BETTY.

0n JUNE 17 The club held the annual Changeover Dinner at Heather Lodge. This dinner provides an opportunity to recognize Rotarians that have exemplified the spirit of Rotary and who have made a significant contribution.The dinner also serves to welcome new members into the club and to recognize the "changeover" in the club presidency

On June 14 The Rotary Club of Minden as well as The Rotary Club of Haliburton presented to the Haliburton Highlands Secondary School (HHSS) Interact Club cheques representing matching funds raised by the students in support of Oxfam Canada. The Interact students held a bake sale netting the impressive sum of $194.00

hhss students

(left to right) Christine Carr (teacher), Emma Mitchell, Josie Quigley, Vaibhavi Marathe, Liam McAlister, Erik Morrisson, Dave Bonham (Minden Rotary)

0n JUNE 1 we held our annual fund raising Dinner/Auction. Once again, thanks to the support of the people in Minden, Haliburton County, and beyond it was a huge success. We want to recognize those businesses and individuals that donated items for the Auction. This support makes possible the work of Rotary in our community

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