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Donations can be made by sending a cheque to The Rotary Club of Minden, PO box 504 Minden ON K0M 2K0 Indicate if a tax receipt is requested.
Through the generosity of people like you, we work to improve our community, working together to make it an even better place.
Donate Now to the The Rotary Club of Minden Charitable Trust
Tax receipts will be issued for donations that are made to support the ongoing programs supported by the trust. Which are to: provide care and treatment for physically handicapped children; assist underpriveleged children; assist in sight conservation; assist in the provision of facilities for senior citizens. Current program and activities for which a component complies with the mandate are:
  1. Free dental care for underpriveledged children and adolescents;
  2. Sports and recreational opportunities for handicapped children;
  3. Activities and facilities that promote wellness and mental health for underpriveledged children;
  4. Ensure access to nutritious food and winter fuel for under underpriveledged families;
  5. Activities and opportunities to improve the quality of life for Long Term Care residents and other seniors in our community;
  6. Housing for Seniors.
The following people and organizations have made a generous cash donation in support of the work of Rotary in our community.
2021 Donors
Wesley Scott
Bob Taylor
Bill Roodenburg
Irene Alexander
Val and John Du Manoir
Cameron and Darlene Johnston
Linda March
Neil Campbell
Sharon Foster
Sally Moore
Heather Seabrooke
Lisa Tompkins
Don Barker Heating and Cooling
Mrs & Mr Eaves
Jamie Schmale M.P.
Jeanne Anthon
Dave Bonham
James and Gina Stanley
Andy Campbell
in memorium
Richard Neville Plant, donor - Sheila Plant
Maureen, donor - Jon James
2020 Donors
Janis Clarke
Dave Bonham
Cathy McLean
Lynda Litwin
Bill Obee
Alan Blackman
Dianne Brunton
Don Barker Heating
Minden Hearing Service
Karen Brown
Richard and Carole Schell
Wesley Scott
Rick Ratcliff
Michelle Bonham
Sally Moore
Anne Cox
Val and John du Manoir
Charles Simon
Donald Lange
Andy Campbell
Jim Wilson
Bill and Sybil Roodenburg
Sharon Foster
Susan Reid
Bob Taylor
Betty Mark
Neil Campbell
Max Ward
Debbie and Ken Comer
Eleanor Hall
Jeanne Anthon
Haliburton Tourism
in memorium
Rotarian Ross Rigney, donor - Lois Rigney